Excerpt 2 – CH 1 – Part 1

Rachel sat in the vanity room makeup chair trying to enjoy being pampered. This wasn’t her first time in front of a camera but the butterflies still fluttered in her stomach every time she thought about millions of people watching her on TV.

In just a few minutes she would be on set at the Today Show to do an interview with Ann Curry. Her company, Florida SearchQuest, had found a missing boy scout in the Florida Everglades last weekend. It was a big news story and she was thrilled to be a part of a successful recovery.

After what felt like an hour under the unnecessarily intense care of the hair and makeup crew she looked into the mirror. It amazed her how these people made her look ten years younger and ten times prettier by just adding some heavy makeup and styling her long unruly red hair.


About Traci Hohenstein

Full time writer, beachbum, and mom to 3 terrific kids.
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