Excerpt 5 – CH 1 – Part 4

After the interview was over, Rachel graciously thanked the cast and crew and was driven back to the hotel. She reached in her bag and pulled out her cell phone.  There were several missed calls and a voice mail message. She listened to the message which was from Beck Townsend who worked for the FBI. They had worked on numerous missing persons cases together.  

“Hi Beck, its Rachel”.

“Hey Rach. Thanks for calling me back so quickly. We have had a case come up that I hoped you could help with. A girl was reported missing last night in the Bahamas.”

“What happened?” Rachel asked.

“She was on a cruise to the Bahamas and the crew officials think she may have fallen overboard.”

The town car had pulled up to the hotel and she handed the driver a generous tip.

“That is awful. Is the Coast Guard searching now?”

“Yes, they have had a cutter and a seaplane out since early this morning. They haven’t found anything yet.”

Rachel walked into the hotel’s grand lobby and sat down on a sofa.

“I was just headed to Tampa for the week. I haven’t seen my parent’s in awhile. But I can send our Miami crew down there to help with the search.”

“We really need you down here Rachel. You have been personally requested. The missing girl is Amber Knowles.” Beck said.

The name resonated in her brain. Amber Knowles.

“The name sounds familiar…” Rachel started to say.

“Yes it should. It is the daughter of John Knowles. The governor of Florida,” Beck said.


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Full time writer, beachbum, and mom to 3 terrific kids.
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