Sample Sunday Chapter 25

The Devil’s Claw is about a firefighter, Samantha Collins (Sam), who disappears while at a warehouse fire. In this chapter, Sam is eating dinner with her capturer, who she calls “the asshole”, and is trying to figure out why he kidnapped her. The Devil’s Claw will be released mid-March 2011 on and Barnes and Thanks for reading! Traci

Sam sat at the table staring at the meal “the asshole” had fixed for her. It had grown cold, which was just as well because she had no appetite.

          “What’s wrong? You need to keep up your strength.”

          “I told you I’m not hungry. Being kept locked in a dark cell does that to you.”

          “I said I was sorry about that. I couldn’t help it. I had things to do.”

          “Why are you doing this?”

          “To keep you safe.”

          “I was doing fine without your help.” Sam poked at her salad. The lettuce was drowning in the ranch dressing and the tomatoes were mushy.

          “No, not really.  You have no idea what was going on around you.” He smiled at her. “Did you know Pedro Gonzalez had someone following you?”

          “What?” Her fork hit the plate with a loud clang.

          “Yeah. One of Gonzalez’s goons was hanging out around the fire station watching you. Following you on calls. Biding his time.”

          “Is that what you called to talk to me about the night of the fire?”

          “Yes. And to offer you a safe place until I could handle the matter.”

          Sam took a deep breath to control her anger.

          “My welfare is none of your concern. I can take care of things myself. Now if we can quit this whole charade, I need to get back to my girls. My life.”

          “I’m sorry. That is not an option right now. It’s too dangerous for you to go back. Especially in your delicate condition.”

          Sam’s face went pale. “What?”

          “Don’t play me. You know what I am talking about.”

          Sam thought hard. How in the world would he know about that? No one knew.

          “Look, I am tired of your games. I am not playing along anymore.” Sam stood up from the table.

          “Sit back down. Now.” The asshole had a crazy look on his face. She had seen that look only one other time and it scared the crap out of her.

          “No. I am ready to go. Either you take me home or I will walk back.” She slammed her hand down hard on the table. “Enough!”

          His eyes met hers as he slowly reached under the table and pulled out a gun.

          “I said, sit down.  If you are good, I will let you sleep in the cabin tonight. We need to come up with a plan of action.”

          Sam sat slowly back in the chair. She would listen to what he had to say. Then devise a plan to escape this craziness.


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Full time writer, beachbum, and mom to 3 terrific kids.
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6 Responses to Sample Sunday Chapter 25

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  2. I really need to find the time and read more of this. Great excerpt, and nice ending there.

  3. Patricia says:

    This dialogue quickly draws you in and takes the story in places where you don’t expect it to go. Great!

  4. Can’t wait to see who the asshole is!!!

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